An online agent is an introducing broker who, directly or via the Internet, attracts new traders and investors, the so-called referrals. And he earns from each trade operation of referrals attracted by him. It differs from a free agent in that it receives a reward from transactions, and not a one-time transfer of a contact. Moreover, the referral you attracted can open an account up to 6 months after clicking on the referral link. He will still get into your referral group in your personal account.

It is quite easy to become an online agent . Apply to participate in the Online Agent affiliate program and register in our system. After that, you will receive a referral link and can use it to attract new traders and investors. You will be assigned a personal affiliate program manager. You can use the earned funds both for trading and withdrawing. The amount and method of withdrawal is agreed with the personal manager.

And further. For those who show good results, we also offer other more favorable conditions for calculating the commission.