World all trade was created by a group of professionals with extensive experience including trading, brokerage, banking and ETFs. The aim is to provide a comprehensive trading platform for beginners and those who already have experience making money in the financial markets. That is why we are constantly looking for like-minded people and companies who could cooperate and expand our client base and provide quality services to more traders.

Free agent

This is a company agent who attracts customers via the Internet using a referral program. And receives a reward for each attracted client



Online agent

This is the agent of the company who attracts and accompanies clients throughout the entire trading period. And receives a reward from each trading lot of attracted clients



Offline agent

This is a company agent, which differs from an Online agent in the presence of an office. The amount of remuneration depends on the size of the attracted client’s account and the volume of his transactions


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What do we offer?

Our interest in further developing our services and business structure allows us to offer a variety of partnership opportunities for those who want to go further than just making money in the financial markets. From becoming our trusted local representative or working as an agent to working under our own brand, as a White Label agent or even working under our brand as a franchisee – we give freedom of choice.