What documents do I need to provide to open an account?

After registering an account, you need to upload a photocopy of your passport to your Personal Area.

How long does it take to deposit funds?

In most cases (credit cards, e-currencies) funds are credited automatically. If you transfer funds by a bank, the crediting period is 2-3 days.

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

Our company allows automatic (instant) withdrawal of funds for some electronic currencies. When withdrawing funds by bank transfer, the processing time for the application is from 2 to 7 working days. Bank transfer takes 2-3 business days on average.

What is the minimum account size in your company?

The minimum account size for the Start tariff is $ 250 for remote clients who are served via the Internet. The minimum contract size for this service is 0.01 standard lot, that is, technically, transactions can be concluded as long as there is at least $ 10 on the account. However, it should be understood that such accounts are more likely to test the broker, and not for serious earnings. Opening such mini accounts through physical broker dealerships is not supported.

For professional traders, there are Standard and Pro tariffs, with a full range of benefits and preferences (reduced commissions, Islamic accounts, bonuses, etc.). The minimum account size for Standard is 1’000 USD, for Pro – 10’000 USD.

What is your maximum leverage?

The maximum leverage is 1: 500 – available for accounts up to $ 1,000. For accounts up to $ 10’000, leverage of 1: 200 is available. The default leverage is 1: 100. The shoulder is adjustable through Personal Area. For newly registered accounts (with zero balance), leverage adjustment is not possible.

What is SWIFT?

SWIFT code – the international identification code of the bank, which is a member of the SWIFT organization, and by which information is exchanged between banks.

Do you have an affiliate program? How much do you pay for referring clients? How the agency fee is withdrawn?

Yes, we have an affiliate program, both for persons wishing to open a real office, and for individuals who attract clients without registering a legal entity, via the Internet, the so-called Web representatives.

You can find basic information about our web representative program here.

More detailed information, as well as information on the methods of withdrawing the agent’s fee, is available for registered users in the personal account.

Do you provide a trust management service?

Not. We provide only a service for concluding transactions in the Forex market or CFD contracts for various financial instruments.