Zuverlässiger Makler

Ich habe vor ein paar Monaten angefangen, mit diesem Broker zu handeln. zuverlässiger Makler, es gibt eine Lizenz. Im Allgemeinen befolgt dieses lizenzierte Unternehmen alle Regeln. Es ist klar, dass es wirklich funktioniert, obwohl es Steuern zahlt. Aber alles wird schnell gut angezeigt. Support antwortet.

Jack Lusk


I have been trading Forex for several years already, I came to Trust three months ago for no deposit. The bonus is not bad, I raised almost $ 80 on it in two months without investing a dime. Of course, I didn’t play it so quickly, it took 2 months, but I realized that the conditions were right for me, in vain I hadn’t opened here earlier. So far, I’m trading on the standard, but I’m already looking at the PAMMs, their monitoring on their website is quite good.

Y. Leo

Intelligent support

In general, I am satisfied with the trade. They are quoted better than many, and there are no complaints about execution. I have been trading here for two years, during this time the service has improved, the support has become more sensible, always in touch and responsible for the case.

Boris D.

There is trust

This broker is one of the most popular. the company is not one day on the market and is trustworthy.

Antony Will

Read working conditions

I always draw your attention to whether brokers have regulators, the Trust company is excellent simply by describing the conditions.

Thomas R.

I study

I want to say that this is a convenient application for the phone, I installed just a month ago to control trading outside the home. I must say that the terminal works well. There are all the main functions, indicators, charts do not slow down, trades are closed without problems. On a stationary terminal, of course, there are more possibilities, but there is no difference in the speed of execution. It’s a pity so far there is no function for withdrawing money in the application, but everything suits me, I recommend.